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Underground Documents offers quality diploma replication and fake college degrees and transcripts, Our quality cannot be match because we use the same exact printing equipment as every major university including the same transcripts security paper First and foremost, we should probably state that the “fake diplomas” and “fake transcripts” we make and sell are strictly intended for novelty use only (practical jokes, gag gifts, decoration, use on film sets, etc.).

We do not offer any type of fake diploma or fake degree “verification service” or suggest you buy a fake diploma or degree online and try to pass it off as real in an attempt to get a job or anything like that, but we thought we would go ahead and address the topic anyway since that seems to be a very common question among people that have purchased a fake degree or are thinking about possibly buying a fake diploma online and nobody – including a shocking number of employers – seem to really understand how it works when an employer (or even another college/university) wants to verify your academic record.

When we tell people that we sell novelty diplomas online, one of the first things people usually ask is “so you could make me a diploma that says I am a doctor?”.


Not only do we not choose not to make novelty degrees relating to any type of medical fields, it is important to note that just about any job where there is a chance you could do any real damage to someone or something, there are usually State Boards, Boards of Certification, or you have to be registered with someone some place to some extent. These types of jobs would include just about anything in the medical field, lawyers, anything that would require any type of clearance, and so on. With these types of jobs, you can pretty much be assured that multiple people are going to verify your education and credentials multiple different ways on multiple different and ongoing occasions and there is basically ZERO chance that you could say you had a degree you didn’t and get away with it even for a day.

For a SURPRISING amount of jobs though – jobs that typically require an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Philosophy degree, Sociology degree, Computer Science degree, IT degree, or any of the TONS of different degrees relating to Arts, History, Political Science, and Religious Studies – employers often times (ESPECIALLY if an applicant has a diploma or transcript already in hand) just simply don’t follow through with verifying an applicants education. This seems to especially be the case with smaller businesses and  companies that don’t have enormous human resources departments.

In a lot of cases, attaching a copy of your diploma or transcripts to your resume/CV when applying for a job, is viewed as a good thing, because it makes you look more prepared and serious about the job you are applying for. It may even end up being the one thing that gives you an advantage over other applicants.

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