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Where to buy novelty degree online service,buy a degree

      Where to buy novelty degree online service,buy a degree, We've all seen the spam. Makes no difference if you live in the urban United States or outer Australia. The "buy a degree" scam has gone global. Diploma mills, which offer consumers a chance to buy online degrees (rather than earn them), are no longer a problem that is limited to the United States. As Judith Eaton, director of the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), states, the world is suffering from a global epidemic of fake online degree providers: "Degree mills and false credentialing are a serious problem worldwide, harming students, society and legitimate higher education." Fake online colleges that lure consumers in with the promise they can buy a degree online, fast and for a few hundred dollars, are thriving. These diploma mills, often advertised as operating from headquarters in the U.S. while mailing credentials and diplomas from mail boxes overseas, represent a global problem that is being emboldened by several economic and social factors.