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2018 Choice of the most Popular Majors and Schools in the United States

 2018 Choice of the most Popular Majors and Schools in the United States

"The Economist" has done a survey on the choice and return of American universities. 

Big data shows that from the perspective of future income levels, 

“learning what major” is more important than “learning in which school”.
 Engineering, computer science, mathematics, and other related majors: students from good schools, 
and students from relatively poor schools, 
their average return on investment is basically parallel.
 Liberal Arts related majors: Good schools and bad schools come out and their average return on investment will be a certain gap.
 Therefore, if you consider from salary, it is not your going to a famous university, but what kind of major you are going to learn. 
Going to a good university is certainly worth investing, but this value will expire. The professional knowledge you learn is more important than where you study.
 The data is summarized to:
 Business/Management, Engineering, and Mathematics/Computer Science (other majors in social sciences, life sciences, arts, English, health, humanities, education, 
and agronomy) are the three most-selected majors for international students in the United States, 
 and more than half of international students Students will choose one of these three majors.
 STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) professional fields are Chinese students' favorite majors. Engineering (20%), mathematics/computer science (11%), 
and life sciences (9%) account for 40% of all Chinese students.
Business/management is also a popular specialty for domestic students, accounting for 28%, and has continued to grow in recent years.
 There are many sub-divisions in the business department. Let's take a look at the US News rankings of this year's commercial divisions.
Business Schools and Professional Prospects
 2018 USNews Best U.S. Undergraduate Accounting Ranking
(Accounting Rankings)
The accounting work is to collect, process, and summarize financial and economic data and use it as a scientific basis for guiding business management decisions. 
Accounting and business management have many links, such as cost, taxation, profit, budget, etc. are all important parts of business management.
Professional accountants are irreplaceable important talents in business management.