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Fall admission Of This Year you can apply for these American universities

 Fall admission Of This Year you can apply for these American universities

American colleges and universities that take the "examination of college entrance examination results", such as the University of New Hampshire, 
can apply for the undergraduate course in the fall semester of 2018 through college entrance examination results, high school results, 
and school English tests. There are also University of San Francisco, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, 
Suffolk University, St. Thomas University, Brigham Young University, Rutgers Business School Newark campus also accept college entrance examination results.
In addition to the direct results of the college entrance examination, today we will talk about several more popular dual admission programs 
and bridge courses, so that you can also enter the school this fall ~
Virginia Tech University
Virginia Tech ranked 69th in USNEWS overall ranking and 25th in public universities in 2018. Undergraduate School of Engineering ranked 14th, 
including industrial/manufacturing engineering, biology/agricultural engineering, civil engineering, and environmental engineering all in 
the top 10 in the United States. The most outstanding college is the School of Architecture. The architecture major has been comparable to Harvard,
 MIT and other schools for the past 10 years, and the architectural profession is the fourth in the United States.
Virginia Polytechnic does not offer dual-admission programs in architecture, interior design, and other majors of the Architecture Urban Design Institute.
 Others such as business schools, engineering colleges, humanities and arts, and science colleges all have undergraduate non-verbal double admission 
programs (scrolling admissions, no deadlines). Different colleges have different GPA requirements.
Undergraduate Bridge Course
Virginia Tech's Undergraduate Bridge Program is creditable for 15-18 undergraduate degrees. There are three main directions: Business Direction, 
Engineering Direction, and Science Direction. Bridge courses do not require SAT, but they require language grades because they are divided into 
two grades based on English scores, depending on whether you read two semesters or three semesters.
University of Delaware
The school is located in the United States chemical and pharmaceutical center, adjacent to the "World Chemical City" Wilmington, a two-hour drive 
from New York, Washington, and 55 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport, the airport daily flights to Beijing and Shanghai direct flights .
The University of Delaware has seven colleges: the College of Agricultural Natural Resources, the Alfred Lerner School of Business and Economics, 
the School of Engineering, and the School of Earth, Ocean and Environment. US News ranked 81st in 2018 and 33rd in public universities. 
The Undergraduate School of Engineering ranks 56th, including the 9th in chemical engineering undergraduate programs nationwide.
The University of Delaware undergraduate direct admission to the international students open the spring and fall semester, in the fall of 2018 
directly recorded too late, but the application for admission next year as of November 1st, still have time. TOEFL 90+, IELTS 6.5+ (higher care direction), 
if you are a student or a SAT, ACT, A level/IB course, you can get a certain score to avoid language. Of course, students who have no language achievement 
or low language achievement after the college entrance examination may choose bridge courses.
The bridge project application does not require TOEFL or IELTS, and it can acquire up to 27 university credits at the same time as learning the 
which is equivalent to the completion of the first year of the university. In addition, the school will also arrange for the students of the U.S. 
student roommates for the bridge course.
All students will take the placement test on the day of admission, and will enter the following courses based on the test results (it is recommended 
to provide TOEFL or IELTS as much as possible).
? Language courses (AUEP): The level of elementary English.
? Pre-A.T.: Advanced English proficiency. The Bridge Foundation program lasts for 4 months.
? Undergraduate Bridge (A.T.): Students with advanced English language ability.
The undergraduate bridge (AT) has two choices: one for two semesters (AT1+AT2), 8 months for up to 15 credits, and the other for the three semesters (AT1+AT2+AT3), 
12 Months, up to 28 credits.
Important reminder:
The undergraduate bridging course in Delaware can be accepted by students who have graduated from senior high school in China (it must complete the domestic high school course)!
Auburn University
It is a 1.5-hour drive from Atlanta, the second largest city in the southern United States. It is within 2 hours of Birmingham Airport and Atlanta Airport.
USNews ranked 103rd in 2018. There are 12 colleges such as College of Agriculture, School of Architecture and Design, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy. 
Auburn University is the first school in the United States to open a major in interior architecture and opened the first undergraduate program in the United States.
 Radio Engineering. The undergraduate business school is ranked 50th, the undergraduate engineering college is ranked 56th, the veterinary professional graduate 
is ranked 14th, and the biology/agricultural engineering graduate is ranked 17th.
Undergraduate Global Pathway Program
The Auburn Global Program can not only study English, but also take two to three semesters of university credit courses. According to the TOEFL IELTS score,
what kind of courses are to be read and no language scores need to be taken into school.