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British Universities tuition has risen again in 2018! buy fake degree UK

 British Universities tuition has risen again in 2018 Purchase fake degree UK

 UK colleges charge tuition fees for local and EU students, and other overseas students use two sets
of standards. Overseas students, including Chinese students, pay 2 to 3 times the tuition fees of local students.
Take UCL taught master degree as an example
Tuition for local/EU students: £10140~£14180
Tuition for other overseas students: £21160~£26250
Why does the British government charge 2~3 times of tuition fees to overseas students?
Of course it is to make money. buy fake degree in UKpurchase fake degree in UK
In fact, the earliest British higher education was free in principle, but since the 1980s, the British government has
decided to start imitating the United States and to increase the tuition fees for overseas students in order to reduce t
he education budget and develop financial resources.
This "special treatment" for overseas students received a lot of doubts at the beginning, and many university professors
opposed it.
But the British government is very smart. They stipulate that the tuition fees collected from overseas students can be
directly used for the discretionary funds of the college, without having to hand over to the government.
Under the various "temptations", the formerly opposed professors silently agreed.
In fact, many British universities are funded by overseas students.
Take the LSE as an example. The tuition of this G5 school is one of the best in British universities. Some professional
overseas students have a tuition fee of up to 34,000 pounds, or about 300,000 yuan.
It is said that 40% of LSE's school funding comes from international students.
It's no wonder that some UK universities “threat” professors: if they can't recruit enough international students, they
close their research centers.
In fact, high tuition fees eventually spread to British students. The British government has cut the funds for education
on a number of occasions. In order to fill the shortage of funds in British universities, there is only a comprehensive
increase in tuition fees.
In this environment, it is not difficult to understand why British tuition fees have "increased year after year".
According to CUG's latest UK university tuition report,
In the 2018-19 school year, the UK's taught master's tuition fees (both British and EU students) increased by an
average of 8.3% over last year, up 31% from four years ago!
The tuition fees of overseas students have increased by 3.6% compared with last year, which is not as good as that
of local students. However, considering that the tuition fees of overseas students are already expensive, the actual increase is similar.
According to this report, we also found that
The MBA is the only major for international students and local students with an average tuition fee of £18,000 - £20,000.
But at the same time, MBA is also a major with higher tuition fees, and tuition is about 1.5 times that of other taught masters.
It is no wonder that there have been more and more MBAs in British universities in recent years.
Although the tuition fees of British universities have risen year after year, there are always some conscience universities with
In order to facilitate the selection of schools according to tuition fees, I classify the British universities according to the taught
master's tuition fees (for international students, classroom-based majors), which are roughly divided into the following four groups:
£13999 or less (saving money group)
£14000-£16999 (economic group)
£17000-19999 (luxury group)
£20000 or more (local group)
This is just a rough division, and the specifics will be slightly different.
£13999 or less (saving money group)
£14000-£16999 (economic group)
£17000-19999 (luxury group)
£20000 or more (local group)
From the above classification, we can find that the tuition level has a certain relationship with the school rankings.
The local schools are properly equipped with famous schools. Of course, this is not absolute, and there are some
well-ranked universities whose tuition is not expensive. buy fake degree in UKpurchase fake degree in UK
Then there is a very close relationship between school location and tuition. London universities are expensive,
good or bad! Westminster University has no such school in the rankings, but some professional tuition is even as high as 20,000 pounds!