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Princeton Review: 1 of 5 "Hardcore Majors" In the United States - Degree of Computer Science

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Choosing a school and selecting a major in a US study application is a technical activity.

The worship of a famous school makes many students give

priority to the selection of a school. As long as they can enter a famous school or

even pick a profession that they do not like, there are people who are willing.

Some people think that the way students acquire knowledge has changed. The university should not be

a place to fully transfer knowledge, but a major place for value shaping and capacity development.

Therefore, choosing a university essence is to choose a kind of value, a culture,

and a spirit. Professional choices may not be so important unless the

student is determined to dedicate himself to an academic field or a discipline.

But if you consider future developments, this view may not be established.

"The Economist" has done a research on the choice and return of American universities.

Big data shows that from the perspective of future income levels, it is

more important to “learn what profession” than to “learn at which school”.

In particular, engineering, computer, mathematics and other r

elated majors, students from good schools, and students from relatively poor schools,

their average return on investment is basically parallel.

So it can be seen that professional choice is very important.

The Princeton Review selected five of the most popular majors in the United

States through a survey of job prospects, salary levels, and professional popularity

in various US disciplines. These professions are highly paid and have good

prospects and are very "hardcore". Let's take a look at it together with Xiaobian!

Computer Science

Now computer major is a hot professional, why?

Because of some professions, some professions are too easy to be replaced!

Li Kaifu mentioned in the new book "AI. Future":

"Wall Street traders, this once glamorous career quickly disappeared; the future security

will also partially disappear, because the camera monitoring, plus som

robot patrols, no longer need security; drivers may also disappear, including Some very high-end

white-collar workers, such as radiologists, are less capable of watching movies than robots."

So in order to keep up with the times, more and more students choose computer science.

Computer science is a science that studies the nature, laws, and problems of machine automation. In addition to learning computer hardware and software

knowledge, the field involves learning and using knowledge such as robotics, natural language cognitive projects, artificial intelligence, programming,

big data analytics, and game design techniques. Regardless of the direction, the field is very focused on the ability to solve professional problems.

Subdivision profession:

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Computer Information Science

Computer Graphics Computer Graphics

Computer Systems Analysis

Data Processing

Game Design Game Design

Information Technology

Web Design Web Design

Webmaster Webmaster and Web Management

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direction of career

Software programming direction


The best way out: Microsoft, IBM, Intel.