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QS World University Rankings in 2019|Buy Famous University Degree

 QS World University Rankings in 2019

On February 27th, Quacquarelli Symonds, a global higher education research institution,
officially released the 2019 World University Rankings of Universities.
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The QS World University Rankings is the second-largest global university ranking in history.
It is the same international credibility and representative as the Times Higher Education
World University Rankings, USNews World University Rankings, and ARWU World University
Academic Rankings. The ranking of the four major universities.

Different from the comprehensive ranking, the ranking of university universities in the world
is more inclined to the assessment of academic elements. ‍
Investigating academic reputation, employer reputation, number of citations of each paper,
average academic output and influence are used in the postgraduate application.

This ranking covers 48 disciplines in 5 major fields. The five areas are
Engineering and technology,
Life sciences and medicine,
Natural science
Social sciences and management. ‍

The ranking methodology consists of four key indicators:
Academic reputation: academic academic evaluation of academics in universities around the world
Employer Reputation: Global Employers' Evaluation of Graduates from Universities
Number of citations per paper: How much influence does the average research result of the teacher have?
H Index: The average academic output and influence of colleges and universities‍
It is reported that in this ranking, Harvard ranks first in the world in 12 disciplines.
"Leadership status" does not fall.
A total of 402 disciplines in Chinese universities have entered the top 100 in the world, and the
number is ranked third in the world.
Second only to the United Kingdom and the United States.

Among the mainland Chinese universities, there are 96 departments ranked in the top 50 in the world,
and 9 departments are more than in 2018.
In addition, China Agricultural University also entered the top 10 (10th) in the world for the first time.
Tsinghua University and Peking University have also entered the top ten in the world.
Peking University has 28 majors in the world's top 50, ranking first in mainland China.
Tsinghua University is close behind, with 22 top 50 majors in the world.
Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University have 10 top 50 majors and 5 top 50 majors respectively.
The Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at Tsinghua University is the best performing
department in mainland China, ranking 9th in the world.
Tsinghua University's architecture/architectural environment and Peking University's modern
linguistics rank among the top ten in the world (10th in the world). ‍‍

In Asia, Singapore's universities are still in the lead, with 14 disciplines ranked among the top 10
in the world in the 48 disciplines. ‍‍

United States
The ranking of the US higher education system continued to decline. Compared with 18 years, nearly
20% of the top professions in the United States have declined, and the degree of deterioration in
literature and art is even worse. But fortunately, the US business major still has an advantage. Among
the four business rankings, American colleges headed by Harvard University are in the top 10 of the list.
Harvard University is still the best university in the world, ranking first in 12 different disciplines. This is
followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has a "first" ranking in 11 disciplines;

Ben Sout, research director at QS, said: "In education, the early status of the United States may be
unstoppable. The United States' share of the world's leading research disciplines is drastically reduced.
These parts are being used by Australia, China and the United Kingdom. Replaced. China's persistent
investment – ​​designed to expand research capabilities and improve rankings – is creating increasing
competition for American universities. In addition, cutting capital and restricting international student
mobility are destroying the world's leading university ecosystem. ” ‍

Let’s take another look at another education power: the United Kingdom.
British universities accounted for 13 first places, an increase of 3 from last year.
The number of top 10 universities in the UK's 48 subject rankings exceeds the past five years.
This record shows that the competitiveness of British research has improved, and it also indicates
that the UK will pose a strong challenge to the US's "hegemony" in the field of education.
Oxford ranks first in the world in the five disciplines of English language and literature, pharmacy
and pharmacology, archaeology, anthropology and geography;
The University of Cambridge has climbed to the top in the world in anatomy research, while the
University College London won the two disciplines of education and architecture;
The University of Sussex's Developmental Studies is still the world's top, continuing to lead
Harvard University (second place) and Oxford University (third place). ‍

Australia is also a focus area for candidates – although Australian universities still retain 201
of the top 50 universities, they have declined compared to last year's 2108 data.
Among them, the Australian National University ranks among the top ten in the world in seven
disciplines, with a year-on-year growth of 3%.
Specific rankings in the five major areas