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2019 latest US university salary list

 2019 latest US university salary list!

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PayScale, the US authoritative wage income survey agency, updated the Best Schools for Majors report, which compares the salary of nine
undergraduate graduates in the United States and concludes with the highest starting salary for graduates of all majors.
This report is only for US four-year undergraduate and two-year college graduates, excluding salary levels for MBA, master or PhD graduates.
Engineering major
Last year, Stanford steadily occupied the top spot. I didn’t expect to have a US Naval Academy halfway this year, directly “taking away”
Stanford’s No.1 position, but had to admit that Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley of California were graduates. Early salary or mid-term salary is still very competitive.
Top10, the highest starting salary - Marietta College (¥92200).
Complete list of engineering majors:
Humanities major
Who says that there is no shortage of liberal arts students, this is not the starting salary of Union College (New York), Dartmouth College,
United States Naval Academy graduates.
Just from this list, we can see that the starting salary and professional mid-term salary of the humanities major are less than the engineering ones.
Complete list of humanities:
Art major
Although the engineering major was taken away from the first place, but the "champion" of the art major, Stanford robbed back.
In addition, Top5 also has the Ivy League school Dartmouth College, renamed "Colgate University" (formerly) Colgate University, and Harvard and Brown.
Complete list of art majors:
Physical Life Science
The first place in the physical life sciences major is Yale University, followed by Princeston, Harvard, and MIT without any suspense.
Complete list of physical life sciences majors:
Business major
As the most popular business school for Chinese students, it is necessary to be curious about its graduates' starting salary and career
mid-term development salary partners.
Among them, MIT, Berkeley, and the University of Pennsylvania graduated with a salary of $80000. However, although Penn's graduates
are higher than MIT in the early stage of employment, they are behind MIT and Berkeley in the medium term.
Complete list of business majors:
Computer science major
The King of CS - Stanford University is no match, with the absolute advantage topping the list.
Complete list of computer science majors:
Education major
Education majors, whether it is starting salary or mid-term salary, can be said to be the lowest of the nine majors.
Complete list of education:
Social science major
Complete list of social science majors:
Communication and Communication
Complete list of communication professionals:
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