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The Australian National University’s Admission to the New Policy is Settled!BUY FAKE ANU DEGREE
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On April 15, the Australian National University officially announced the admission of a new policy in February 2020. Buy fake ANU degree in Australia, buy fake MBA degree certificate, buy fake ANU diploma in Australia, buy fake ANU transcript.
Admission criteria
1) The most important thing, and the most relevant to the students is that you must provide qualified language scores when submitting your application.
Original: You must meet the University's English language requirements in order to be assessed.  The Australian National University’s admission to the new policy is settled!
That is to say, the Australian National will no longer offer a language condition offer, no longer provide a package offer for language courses + master's courses, language grades such as IELTS and TOEFL will become a must-have application material, and the application can be submitted only after the requirements are met. This has already moved closer to the admission requirements of North American countries.
2) Adopt the ranking system, select the best admission, and no longer reach the minimum admission standard, that is, issue the offer.
After the applicant has reached the minimum admission requirement in Australia, ANU will rank according to the applicant's conditions and will be admitted according to the ranking.
You've passed our Eligibility Check and are through to the next stage when we rank your application against others' applying for the same program in the same round.
As a result, the uncertainty of admission is greatly increased, depending not only on the applicant's own conditions, but also on the overall quality of all candidates in the same round of applications.
Regarding whether to inform the applicant of the ranking in the admission pool, this notice has not been mentioned, and it will be seen after a period of formal implementation~
3) Use the 7-point system to convert the applicant's average score to 7-point system. The converted average will directly determine whether you meet the ANU admission requirements.
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ANU uses a 7-point Grade Point Average (GPA) scale. All qualifications submitted for admission at ANU are converted to this common scale. This GPA will determine if you meet our published admission requirements.
At the same time, all ANU master's programs have a seven-point total admission requirement, taking Master of Applied Economics as an example:
Admission process
Can submit an application in Final Year
The 3-year undergraduate program has 5 semester grades to be submitted, and the 4-year undergraduate degree has 7 semester grades to be submitted.
Compared with the previous four-year undergraduate application with the first five semester results, it has been a whole year, and now domestic students can no longer take the Australian national offer. Suddenly I feel that I have been lucky enough to have an offer or have already enrolled in ANU~
Only one professional application can be submitted, and the restrictions on the professional are more strict.
Original: To make sure that you and all other candidates are fairly assessed, we exclude your final semester when we caculate your GPA.
We will consider your GPA for the first seven semesters of an eight semester program (excluding the final semester).
We will consider your results for the first five semesters of a six semester program(excluding the final semester).
Previously, ANU allowed applicants to submit multiple professional applications at the same time. The school will give priority to the first intentional profession. If not, the second major will be examined in turn.
At present, applicants can only submit one professional application at most. If they are unable to enroll in the major, Australian National may give a chance to apply for a lower professional, but must apply before the application deadline. ‍
If you don't meet the minimum requirements for your preferred program, we notify you and give you an opportunity to preference a different program with lower entry requirements.You will have until the application deadline to do this.
The application process is divided into three steps.
Previously, Australia and other universities in Australia, offer can be extended for up to one year, such as the offer of February 2020, if you can not enter school on time due to IELTS or other reasons, you can extend the offer to July 2020 or 2021 2 month.
Now, after getting the offer in February 2020, you must accept the offer before the deadline given on the offer. If you fail to accept the overdue, you will be deemed to be invalid, and the offer can not be extended. If you want to enroll in the next semester, you need to re-enter. Submit the application and compete again with the applicant in the new round of applications. ‍
Original Letter of Offer will give you a date by which you need to accept your offer.Remember to accept your offer on time-if you don't,it's most likely your offer will be made void and you'll have to apply Again at another time.
Also be aware that you cannot defer your offer to study at ANU.If you can't take up your place, you will need to re-apply at a more suitable time.
The application is divided into three rounds, each of which gives a specific application opening date, deadline, issue offer date, and accept offer date.
Round 1:
Application opening time: 2019.6.4
Application deadline: 2011.9.12
The first round of offer release time: 2011.9.30
The first round of offer acceptance deadline: 2019.10.30
Round 2:
Application opening time: 2011.9.13
Application deadline: 2019.11.11
The first round of offer release time: 2019.11.28
The first round of offer acceptance deadline: 2019.12.30
Round 3:
Application opening time: 2019.11.14
Application deadline: 2019.12.15
The first round of offer release time: 2020.1.15
The first round of offer acceptance deadline: 2020.1.31
01, undergraduate application qualification:
1. Must complete high school study, and get a diploma and college entrance examination results
2. ANU sets the minimum admission criteria, applicants who meet the requirements can enter the ranking system
3. Rank applicants in the same period, select the best candidates
02, Master application qualification:
1. Must complete 7 semester study (4 years undergraduate) or 5 semester transcript (3 year undergraduate)
2. ANU sets the minimum admission criteria, applicants who meet the requirements can enter the ranking system
3. Rank applicants in the same period, select the best candidates‍
What is the difference between 1-3 rounds of application?
In the first round, there are places for all courses and majors. The second and third rounds are based on the results of the first round of admission.
If some majors or courses can be fully replenished in the first round, then the application will not be accepted in the next two rounds unless there is a full quota of majors or courses after the school.
In addition, the publication date of the third round of admission results is too late, only about one month from the start of the school.
Therefore, there is no guarantee that the period will be followed by the replacement of COE and visa applications.
And in the final round, many majors or courses have no quota or only a small number of places, which makes the competition more intense.
Which courses adopt new processes
The Australian National Common Course will be followed by a new process, but a small number of courses temporarily retain the original application process, as follows:
Master/Graduate Certificate of Law
Master/Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
Master/Graduate Diploma of Applied Cybernetics
Master/Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics
Master/Graduate Diploma of Cyber ​​Security, Strategy&Risk Management
Master/Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
Master/Graduate Diploma/Graduate Certificate of Military and Defense Studies
Master of Innovation&Professional Practice
Master of Clinical Psychology
Master of Science Communication Outreach
Master of Science in Science Communication
Master of Business Administration (incl.MBA Advanced)
Executive Master of Public Administration
Executive Master of Public Policy
Doctor of Medicine&Surgery (MChD)
Scholarships will be issued automatically
In addition to the above two major reforms, the National Bank also has a very worrying operation, that is, scholarships will no longer have separate applications.
The college will issue the award based on the student's grades.
This means you no longer have to worry about missing the school's scholarship information, because as long as you meet the requirements, the school will automatically send you.