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How to Buy a fake A Level Certificate and GCSE Certificate When UK Close All schools, Cancel A Level and GCSE Exams?!

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British official announcement: Close all schools, cancel A Level and GCSE exams! 

The UK epidemic continues to be severe, with Boris announcing that all British schools will be closed after Friday's course. The school only takes care of the children of key department staff (doctors, police, etc.). GCSE certificate and A Level certificate exams cancelled or postponed.

Regarding the cancellation of all exams in the UK, especially the cancellation of GCSE certificate and A Level certificate in May and June, the British Prime Minister explained:
"I fully understand the anxiety of these students, and I will ensure that their progress is not hindered. The British government will take fair measures to ensure that students get the qualifications they need without delaying their graduation. "
The Minister of Education said: "I can confirm that we will not continue with any exams and will not publish the results for this school year. We will work closely with other institutions to help children obtain the required certificates.
Ed Thinking said that due to the government's decision to close the school, all the examinations this summer were cancelled, but what time will it be postponed and how to arrange the follow-up needs further discussion.
Domestic A Level and GCSE exams are not affected.
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The CIE Examinations Authority said that examinations continue in schools that are normally open or in countries where the examinations can be held safely. That is to say, although the A Level and GCSE exams in the UK have been cancelled, the domestic A Level certificate and buy fake IGCSE certificate unified exams will continue as usual, so students must not relax and continue to prepare for the exam!
Australia officially announces closure of the country, all non-Australian permanent residents and citizens are prohibited from entering the country!
Australia officially announced the closure of the country, which will take effect from 9 pm Australian Eastern Time on Friday. It will bar all non-Australian permanent residents and citizens from entering. Once entering, it will require 14 days of self-isolation.
In addition, buy fake New Zealand diploma also announced the decision to "close the country" starting tonight. 
"About 80% of our cases in Australia are due to a virus overseas or a direct connection with those overseas," Prime Minister Morrison said.
As a result, the vast majority of cases in Australia are imported overseas. The measures we are currently taking have taken effect, and this global travel ban is a further step forward. "
At the same time, the Australian Government still hopes that all Australians overseas can return to Australia as soon as possible. Considering that the closure policy that will be implemented in more countries in the future, it may affect overseas Australians' plans to return to Australia.