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How Can I Use a Fake Diploma For Applying For A Canadian Work Visa After Graduation?

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How do I apply for a Canadian work visa after graduation?

The graduation work visa is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of studying in Canada, buy fake graduate diploma, buy fake degree certificate, buy fake Canada degree, and is also a necessary condition for many international students to apply for immigration. buy fake University of Toronto diploma, buy fake degree of Ryerson University, Most international students who have completed a college degree or above in Canada have the opportunity to apply for a 1-3 year graduation work visa, but Not all international students can apply for a work permit after graduation.
What is the graduation work permit?
The graduation work permit is a certificate that guarantees the legal work of international students studying in Canadian colleges and above after graduation. Any graduate who wants to start work legally after graduation is indispensable. It is an open work permit.
Graduation work permits can be applied in advance, and do not need to find a job before applying. It is to ensure that applicants can work legally throughout Canada, rather than being restricted to graduate provinces.
It is worth mentioning that not all international students can apply for a work permit after graduation. Some schools in Canada are not registered schools in Canada, but are courses offered by foreign schools in Canada. Graduates of these courses cannot apply for graduation visas.
Some students studying in language schools cannot apply. Only international students studying in Canadian educational institutions that meet the requirements can apply. However, if the school you attend can also grant graduates a recognized education diploma in Canada, even if the course includes an overseas exchange student program, you will be eligible to apply for a work permit after graduation.
Requirements for graduation work permit.
Each international student can only apply once for the graduation work permit. The application materials it requires are relatively simple, and international students can even wait at the border to get the job.
The application requirements are as follows:
International students must be full-time students, that is, to study full-time at a Canadian university or college for at least 8 months.
You must graduate from a school approved by the Canadian Immigration Department to apply for a graduation work permit.
Must have a valid study permit at the time of application.
You must obtain a degree, professional degree, or graduation certificate from the major or project you are studying.
You must submit an official certificate issued by the educational institution you read, which can reflect the applicant's academic situation and professional achievements.
The “work visa” application must be submitted within 90 days after receiving the school graduation certificate (academic transcript or school graduation certificate letter).
Applicants need to know that if they have been studying in Canada for less than 8 months, they will not be able to apply for a graduation work permit. The validity period of a graduation work permit is up to three years. After 9 months, the time limit for graduation work visa may be 9 months, the study period exceeds 2 years, and the time limit for graduation work visa is generally 3 years.
In short, the visa period of the work visa after graduation in Canada is closely related to the academic system (learning time) of the applicant's completed education.