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When will Canada resume school? The latest summary of the September 2020 school opening plan for Canadian universities ...

According to the "Global Mail" report, Canadian universities not only continue to recruit students, but also hope that students who have been admitted will continue to pay attention and wait for specific notices of admission. Buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake Canada degree certificate, buy fake degree in Canada, The current situation is that many administrators and students are anxiously waiting for the Health Canada about when they can "assemble to lift the ban", which includes taking classes at school.

The University of Toronto has issued half of its offers for September admission this year. Richard Levin, director of admissions at the University of Toronto, said there are currently no signs of worry about admissions.
"We did not see any problem with the acceptance rate of the offer." Mr. Levin said, and said that this year is a very unusual year, and it is very difficult to predict what will happen. "Now many people speculate that this year College admissions is a very difficult year, and we hope to prove that they are all wrong. "Mr. Levin said," We think we will have very powerful and very diverse classrooms in September this year. "
However, many students still questioned the students in September this year: Will the students who received the application temporarily stop investing in education because of family economic reasons? Mr. Levin replied, "If you don't work or travel, even if this autumn may be different from the past, it is a good choice for class."
Because the epidemic affects the normal high school exam and graduation time, many high school graduates will not get the normal test assessment and scores. This is also very complicated for universities to enroll new undergraduates. However, the university stated that they would consider it flexibly. If necessary, they would look at their 11-year grades for evaluation.
Mr. Levin also pointed out that for many freshmen may not be able to complete the corresponding high school courses, the university will consider providing relevant academic support counseling.
The epidemic does not affect admission!
There are still many students who have not received the offer from the school, so they are worried whether the epidemic will affect the admission? The offer of Canada is already relatively late. The school closure and examination extension caused by the epidemic will not affect the admission work. The school will continue to issue offers at the end of April and May.
Note: The deadline for accepting offers for some studies has been extended
McGill University: The deadline for accepting offers for undergraduate students has been extended from May 1 to June 1.
University of Alberta: The deadline to accept the deposit payment for admission is extended from May 1 to June 1.
Queen's University: The school extended the deadline for accepting offers to June 1.
University of Western Ontario diploma: The acceptance date for undergraduate offers was extended from May 1 to June 1.
1. The University of Toronto's September start policy will remain unchanged.
2. At present, AP / IB / A-LEVEL and other transfer credit application policies are not affected.
3. If the education bureau or examination institution cannot send the final transcript and test results before the deadline, UT will use the existing results as the final transcript and meet the conditions on the offer (The School of Engineering requires this to be notified by email
McMaster University
1. Considering the new pneumonia epidemic in China and the closure of IELTS, the deadline for the submission of language scores from domestic applicants was extended to July 1, 2020. Conditional admission will be granted to applicants who meet academic requirements.
2. OUAC105 channel acceptance deadline extended to June 1
3. For students from Mainland China and Iran, accept the Duolingo test and the direct recording language requirement is 115 points.
1. Admissions are proceeding in an orderly manner and are expected to be completed by the end of April.
2. If the school closes or cancels the final exams, the UBC offer is confirmed: the student completes the local school course (in whatever form), and the student needs to send the transcript to [email protected] If the school or education department or examination institution can send electronic transcripts to UBC, there is no need for students to email UBC.
McGill University
1. If the school changes the scoring policy from the original scoring system to "pass / fail" or "satisfactory / unsatisfactory" due to the impact of the epidemic, McGill will accept these changes!
2. If the formal final exam of the local school is cancelled, McGill will accept other assessment methods used by the local school. At the same time, McGill also accepted the currently submitted transcripts as final scores to eliminate the conditions on the offer.
University of Alberta
1. For Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021 admission, the school accepts the Duolingo test, and the direct recording requirement is 115 points.
2. The deadline for accepting the deposit payment for acceptance is extended from May 1 to June 1.
Queen's University
1. The epidemic situation does not affect the admission work for the time being. The current deadline for receiving materials is April 30, and all admission results will be released by May 15 at the latest.
2. If the local school or examination institution makes adjustments to the curriculum and examination methods due to the impact of the epidemic (for example, canceling the final exam or changing the grading policy), these adjustments will be accepted and the results report issued by the local school or examination institution will be recognized Meet the admission conditions on the offer.
3. The school accepts the Duolingo test, direct recording language requirement: 110 points.
University of Western Ontario
1. For Chinese students, please pass the WES certification and send the documents required by the offer to Xi'an University before August 1; the AP exam has been adjusted to the online form. If there are AP score requirements on the offer, the conditions will remain unchanged. , And the AP ’s transfer credit policy is also unchanged; students must meet the requirements on the offer.
2. For the students of A-Level and IB system, the Examination Bureau has canceled the official examinations in May and June, and will make adjustments to the examination methods; Xi’an University will accept the adjustments made by the Examination Bureau.
3. Undergraduate offer acceptance date is extended from the original May 1st to June 1st.
Dalhousie University
1. The deadline for accepting offers is extended to June 1, 2020.
2. The deadline for submitting language results is extended to July 31, 2020.
3. Allow students in the epidemic-affected areas to submit informal language test scores to continue the review process. Currently accepting Duolingo, TOEFL at home, IELTS indicator scores, as far as possible to provide convenience to students.
University of Ottawa
1. The deadline for submitting materials for international students is extended to June 1 (including language scores); students who receive an offer, regardless of local students and international students, submit final grades on July 30.
2. The acceptance date of the offer is currently extended from April 1 to May 1.
University of Waterloo
1. For the extension of the offer, the school currently only accepts the extension to September 2020, and there is no related policy to the extension to January.
2. For the fall 2020 semester, if the time to obtain the visa is relatively late, the latest reporting date allowed by the school is September 21, 2020, otherwise you need to submit an extension application; some majors are allowed to teach online, if this method is feasible, the school will contact Students with related needs.
Concordia University
1. The acceptance deadline for offers has been extended from May 1 to June 1;
2. For international students, if they cannot obtain a valid visa before the start of the course in September, they can contact the school to apply for an extension; all major extensions will be considered in the summer.
3. Accept Duolingo test, undergraduate direct recording requirements: 120 points; double recording minimum 90 points.