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Heavy! Canada announces major changes to international student work permit or buy fake Canada diploma

Canada work permit

The Canadian Immigration Service held an emergency meeting on the evening of May 14, and published a morning paper on May 15 that contained major changes to the international student policy:

The immigration minister made it clear that “immigration” is absolutely the key to Canada ’s success and economic recovery. buy fake Canada diploma Although some visa categories are suspended or delayed in the short term, this is only a short-term challenge. Ensuring the implementation of immigration policies has become Canada ’s economic growth and adjustment of social production structure Important engine. Less than ten days after the conversation, the policy on graduation work permits has been introduced. The keyword "flexibility" was confirmed.
Simply put:
International students enrolled in the fall of 2020 will be able to start learning through online courses and can complete 50% of the courses abroad without affecting the PGWP application for graduation work visa.
Before December 31, 2020, the time for all international students to complete online study outside Canada will not be deducted from the original graduation work permit length.
The original text is as follows:
Why is this a major announcement?
Among international students traveling to Canada, the Post-Graduation Work Visa (PGWP) program is very popular and valued because it allows international students to obtain work permits for up to three years directly after completing their studies. According to the Canadian International Education Agency ’s annual survey, this type of work experience provides major advantages for international students when submitting federal and provincial nomination immigration applications.
In the fall of 2020, the enrollment of major universities in Canada is in progress. This announcement informs us that new international students can take online courses overseas, and 50% of online courses can also apply for the PGWP program. This change can be said to be huge compared to the previous policy that online courses cannot exceed 20%.
In early April, the IRCC first announced this policy to international students starting in May and June, and the announcement on May 14 was an extension of the policy for students starting in September. This policy is also a pioneering initiative. Canadian online courses in their home country have never been regarded as "the time of study in Canada", but considering the special period, the Department of Immigration believes that it needs to be done and needs to be assured.
What information did the announcement reveal?
1. Canada will be more and more popular with international students. "Please believe that Canada can be the first choice for international students."
Second, Canada's superior national welfare and very high national life satisfaction make more and more international students choose to stay.
3. A more tolerant study abroad policy and easier immigration ...
This year's Canadian Expressway (EE) scores have dropped again and again, which also makes many people who want to immigrate to Canada and want to study in Canada overjoyed. From March to mid-April, the score dropped all the way. Due to the epidemic situation, IELTS is temporarily suspended. At present, people in the pool cannot get extra points through IELTS, so the pool will remain stable and there is some room for decline.
On May 14th, for the CEC category, EE again scored points. Compared with the previous round, this round fell again by 5 points and fell directly to 447 points! Up to 3371 people were invited. Prior to April 16, the CEC lottery score was as low as 455 points. The epidemic actually allowed Canada, Canadian students, and people eager to immigrate to Canada "to be blessed by disaster."
With such a humane new "learning at home" rule, let your children study in Canada, don't hesitate anymore!
In summary, we are still cautiously optimistic. It is very important to fully understand Canada ’s immigration policy and choose the right route for your study abroad.