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what the American universities will do to compete for students
 compete for students
 what the  American universities will do to  compete for students Results to be published in March, the vast majority of American universities, students accepted for admission must be made whether to reply before May 1, the US high school graduates spend postseason results to be published in March, she entered the selection in April school season, to make choices for themselves the next four years of life. At this time, American universities frequency shaking an olive branch, a variety of ways to impress students wishing to be admitted students can sign "documents life and death" as soon as possible. Fake Diploma, Fake Diploma and Transcript, Fake Degree, Buy Fake Diploma, Buy Fake Degree
The average American high school students will apply for many universities, we Chinese parents (microblogging) to let the children in the university admissions process more safe and secure, have more choices, most do not begrudge the application fee, let the children apply more than a dozen universities are very common. I know up to around 21 to apply for university. Most of these students will finally get even a few dozen university admission notice. Then in April, Groups or micro-channel group where, from time to time to see this message: "? My son was Harvard, Stanford and MIT admitted, which one to choose." "My daughter wanted to learn finance, and at Yale between Princeton which is better? "look, such a" sweet trouble "is not a little pull hate ah mean?
But for most of Yale and Harvard missed such a large rattan students and parents, more choices are comforting thing is real troubling thing. Faced with those who are evenly matched, the length of each of the university, students and parents are often in a dilemma, indecisive, so there will be such a tangle:
"Northwest (microblogging) vs. science at Duke University, one to choose?" "Children want to learn in business finance. The three existing school admission, New York University, University of Michigan and Rice University (Rice), please give suggestions. "" My son wants to learn the computer, Berkeley, California and Carnegie Mellon, which is an advantage? " Fake Diploma, Fake Diploma and Transcript, Fake Degree, Buy Fake Diploma, Buy Fake Degree
To compete for students, American universities staged a "hearts and minds meter"
In school choice season, despite the "rights reversed" to enable students to become party to seize the initiative, American universities do not do nothing, they shake frequency olive branch, hoping to be admitted students to sign "documents life and death" as soon as possible.
After the issue of the admission notice, universities expand immediately all kinds of "psychological warfare": students and admitted students take the initiative to contact the university invited social network (such as a group on Facebook), so that students feel the atmosphere of the University; Some schools organize alumni gatherings, inviting local admitted students and their parents to participate, increase intimacy and prestigious honor.
Some public universities and top schools hit heavily at "grab" students. Some outstanding students established Honors Program (honor program) or Honors College (Honors College), not only free of all charges, and even to provide maintenance, honors college students live in separate dormitories, a dedicated instructor, can be described as campus "privileged class", such as preferential treatment is very easy for some private schools get grants for students tempted.
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2015, black students from Memphis, Tennessee area Ronald Nelson swept the Ivy League because fame, but it is large (microblogging) or glasses, he finally rejected all schools, including Harvard, Yale, select University of South Alabama (University of Alabama), because there is provided a generous grant to him, while in the tall of more than 30,000 undergraduate public university, he can, and some hard work and outstanding students together, the school enrolled in the honors College.pt what the  American universities will do to compete for students